Brave Knight

In The Beginning

Brave Knight Corporate & Administrative Services B.V. was established in Curaçao on December 29, 2020.

Our beginnings in corporate compliance, however, lie much earlier. Our team has been providing corporate and administrative services to international clients for over fifteen years now. That is how we have accumulated a stronghold of corporate, legal, and administrative knowledge. It is also the reason why a vast network of financial and legal contacts on Curaçao consider us a trusted partner.

Our Values


Compliance is our core value. Everything we do is aimed at helping our clients comply with laws and regulations so that they can function and prosper properly. Removing the burden of doing boring paperwork from our clients is therefore our aim. This means that you will not need to spend any more time on preparing legal documents or filling out forms.

We will happily and professionally take care of that. Where necessary, together with your advisors. You on the other hand, will have more time to spend on successfully developing your business.

Our team is rooted in the Curaçao society. We understand the social mechanics of living on a small island where everyone knows each other, and people talk. That is why, discretion is our middle name.

We offer you privacy and integrity. Our conversations are confidential, while your information is safe with us.

After all, our aim is your peace of mind.

Who We Are

Our Team

Brave Knight offers you the services of highly trained corporate professionals who help you keep your business successful. Their span of expertise ranges from finance, law, taxes, compliance, due diligence, and risk management to daily administrative tasks, like salary administration.

Managing Director

Alma Heide, LLM

Alma is a Deputy Civil Law Notary and has a background in the corporate legal world, where she has worked for 27 years. Alma brings a wealth of experience to the table. She wants her clients to have peace of mind about the corporate side of their business so that they can focus on their economic success.

Compliance Officer

Luranne Falconi, MSc CAMS

Luranne has 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She makes sure your business adheres to local laws and regulations about integrity in the financial sector. She will assist you with your specific compliance needs and conduct a compliance scan to pinpoint areas of improvement. Luranne believes that all clients are unique, and that due diligence goes beyond checklists.