Welcome to Brave Knight Services. We are a group of highly trained corporate professionals who help you keep your business successful.

When your bank asks you for the minutes of your last shareholders meeting, we make sure you already have them on file. If Stichting BAB pays your company an unexpected visit, we ensure that your files already contain all the legal and financial documents they are asking for. And when you want to sell your company, we double check that you can deliver all the corporate files that your buyer needs, to make an informed decision and pay you a fair price.

We call that supporting local entrepreneurs with their corporate and administrative housekeeping.

Compare us, if you wish, to your secretary who assists you with the running of your day-to-day business. Our team does a similar job, taking care of all the corporate details that are required to successfully run your company. We do our job in the background, so that you can concentrate on running your business. You can rely on our Brave Knights having your back.

Who are You?

The services Brave Knight offers are aimed at directors and shareholders of companies and their advisors. So, at people like you, who work hard to make and keep their company successful. You are an entrepreneur and not a lawyer. Dealing with sales, clients, continuity, innovation, human resources and even putting out fires is what you probably do most of the times. The last thing on your mind is the preparation of board resolutions or agreements between the company and yourself. After all, these documents do not contribute to the bottom line, or make you more successful, right?


That is where we come in.

Brave Knight Services

Our services make your life as a professional business owner easier. We do that by bringing and continuously keeping your corporate files in good legal standing. We ensure that you do not need to rush or stress out whenever a bank, a notary, a tax advisor, lawyer, buyer, or tax inspector needs access to your financial and legal documents. Through our services, your corporate files will always be up to date. You will have access to continuous excellent support without having to put us on your payroll. You only pay us when you need us. Or, for a small amount, we provide services for a number of hours each month.

Thus, you will never have to worry again about not having the correct documents to issue additional shares to a new partner in your business. Nor about not having registered the appointment of a new director or the additional issuance of shares with the Chamber of Commerce.

And if you are starting up a business, need a corporate back office, or have internal procedures to draw up, our Brave Knights are there to support you as well. 

We work together with your accountant, administrator and, other advisors to make sure that you are protected from all sides.

Examples of our support

Brave Knight can

Our Brave Knights


Just like the medieval knights, our team stands for integrity, honor, and courtesy. For over fifteen years, our team has provided corporate and administrative services to many international clients. Their satisfaction has inspired us to use our accumulated corporate, legal, and administrative knowledge to help local entrepreneurs and their businesses to provide excellent services at affordable prices.

We declare that we will bravely fight for you. Try us!