Fight on, brave knights!
For bright eyes behold your deeds!

– Walter Scott
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Brave Knight Services

When your bank asks you for the minutes of your last shareholders meeting, we make sure you already have them on file. If Stichting BAB pays your company an unexpected visit, we ensure that your files already contain all the legal and financial documents they are asking for. And when you want to sell your company, we double check that you can deliver all the corporate files that your buyer needs, to make an informed decision and pay you a fair price.

We call that supporting local entrepreneurs with their corporate and administrative housekeeping.

Compare us, if you wish, to your secretary who assists you with the running of your day-to-day business. Our team does a similar job, taking care of all the corporate details that are required to successfully run your company. We do our job in the background, so that you can concentrate on running your business. You can rely on our Brave Knights having your back.


Prepare board or shareholders resolutions or take minutes of meetings.


Provide monthly administrative services (bookkeeping) and salary administration.

Compliance &
Risk Management

Draw up all your compliance due diligence requirements (checklist).

Brave Knight can

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